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Super Nintendo (SNES) Meets Bitcoin: Ninjalerts Unveils BTC Based Emulator


Ninjalerts has inscribed a Super Nintendo (SNES) emulator directly onto the Bitcoin blockchain, according to the project’s official Gitbook. The non-fungible tokens (NFTs) project is trying to “leverage the capabilities” of the BTC ordinals.

These assets have raised concerns and controversy within the Bitcoin community. However, this new initiative hints at the growing appetitive for new use cases for the world’s oldest blockchain network.

Reviving 90s Nostalgia: Ordinals Secure Endangered Classic Video Games

The Ninjalerts project used Bitcoin’s Ordinals to create an immersive and interactive digital experience, an official post claims, challenging the capabilities traditionally associated with this blockchain. Incorporating the “Art as an Application” concept, the project creates Profile Pictures (PFPs) from static images to dynamic JavaScript applications with additional features.

Each PFP explicitly created for social media platforms in this project is not just an “image but a fully functional JavaScript application.” This implementation allows for various user interactions, including dynamic resizing, custom animations, and even playing SNES games directly from the PFP.

The project’s approach to dynamic resizing can run scale images to dimensions capable of crashing modern internet browsers.

Addressing what the team behind the project considers an issue in digital preservation, Ninjalerts has taken steps to “safeguard the legacy of classic video games.” A recent study highlighted the risk of extinction faced by nearly 90% of video games released before 2010. By inscribing a Super Nintendo emulator on Bitcoin, Ninjalerts aims to secure these cultural artifacts for future generations.

The project’s Gitbook states:

We didn’t just inscribe a Super Nintendo Emulator because it’s awesome, although that was part of it. There’s actually a very real issue at hand – the preservation of classic video games. This initiative is not just a nod to nostalgia but a response to the alarming (…) research (which) indicates that a staggering 87% of video games released in the United States before 2010 are now critically endangered, a situation that poses a significant threat to digital gaming heritage.

A Technical Leap For Bitcoin Ordinals?

Ninjalerts’ team custom-designed a Super Nintendo emulator to integrate seamlessly with various marketplaces and explorers. The emulator supports key features of the original SNES, including two-player support, custom controls, gamepad compatibility, and high performance through WebAssembly.

Moreover, the entire emulator code is accessible on the Bitcoin network, promoting a decentralized approach to learning and adaptation.

The team introduced features like Recursive Endpoints, turning the project into a comprehensive platform. The project also offers other artists and developers an API for future creative use. Including individual SVG traits allows for extensive customization, and the SNES emulator adds to the project’s modularity.

Ninjalerts sets a precedent in the world of Ordinals by introducing holder-permission upgradeability. This feature allows for continuous development and the addition of new functionalities while maintaining holder control. The project’s focus on innovation is evident in its plans for future upgrades, potentially incorporating features like save states, online multiplayer capabilities, and customizable settings.

It remains to be seen if the project will be adopted as a testament to the evolving capabilities of Bitcoin Ordinals and its possibilities.

Cover image from Unsplash, chart from Tradingview



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